5W Dental LED Head Light Lamp For Binocular Loupes Brightness Spot Ajustable Dental Lab Headlamp Surgical Headlight


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The Surgical Headlight, featuring a powerful 5W Dental LED Head Light, is specifically designed for medical and dental professionals. This headlamp offers unparalleled brightness and spot adjustability, making it an essential tool for intricate procedures. Ideal for use with binocular loupes, its adjustable features ensure optimal visibility and comfort during long surgeries or dental treatments.


Power: 5W
Illumination: 100000lux
Battery: Rechargeable
Weight: 200g

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Surgical Headlight Precision in Medical Practice

In the intricate and demanding field of medical surgery, having the right tools is critical for success. Among these tools, the Surgical Headlight stands out as an indispensable instrument, providing surgeons with the clarity and precision needed during complex procedures. Our latest model, equipped with advanced features and designed for a range of medical applications, is an exemplary choice for professionals seeking excellence in their practice.

5W Dental LED Head Light & Surgical Headlight Illumination

At the heart of our Surgical Headlight is the 5W Dental LED Head Light, a beacon of innovation in medical lighting. This powerful LED light provides a bright, focused beam, essential for detailed dental procedures and surgeries. Its high-intensity illumination ensures that every aspect of the operative field is visible, allowing for precise and accurate work. The LED technology also guarantees energy efficiency and a longer lifespan, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for any medical setting.

Lamp for Binocular Loupes Visibility and Comfort

This Surgical Headlight is particularly effective when paired with binocular loupes. The lamp seamlessly integrates with various loupe models, enhancing visibility without adding significant weight or discomfort. This combination is especially beneficial for dental professionals and surgeons who require magnification to perform delicate tasks. The light’s focused beam aligns perfectly with the loupes’ field of view, ensuring that the illuminated area is precisely where it’s needed.

Brightness Spot Adjustable for Surgical Headlight

Understanding the varying needs of different medical procedures, our Surgical Headlight features an adjustable brightness spot. This functionality allows medical professionals to tailor the light intensity and spot size according to the specific requirements of each task. Whether it’s a broad, less intense light for general examination or a focused, bright light for intricate surgery, this headlight adapts to the user’s needs, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of the work.

Reliable and Ergonomic Dental Lab Headlamp

Designed with the daily rigors of dental lab work in mind, our headlamp combines reliability with ergonomic design. Its lightweight construction ensures comfort even during extended use, minimizing fatigue and strain. The headband is adjustable, providing a secure and custom fit for different head sizes. Additionally, the lamp is positioned to minimize shadows and reduce eye strain, making it an ideal tool for long hours in the lab.

A Versatile and Essential Tool for Surgical Headlight

Our Surgical Headlight transcends its utility beyond dental applications, serving as a versatile tool for a wide range of surgical and medical procedures. Its high-quality illumination, combined with comfort and adjustability, makes it suitable for various specialties, including general surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, and more.

Key Features and Benefits:

High-Intensity 5W LED Light: Provides bright, focused illumination.
Compatibility with Binocular Loupes: Enhances visual precision during magnified procedures.
Adjustable Brightness and Spot Size: Customizable for different surgical needs.
Ergonomic Design: Comfortable for prolonged use, with adjustable headband.
Versatile Application: Suitable for dental, surgical, and laboratory settings.

The Surgical Headlight, with its advanced lighting technology, ergonomic design, and versatile applications, is a vital tool for any medical professional. It brings clarity and precision to complex procedures, ensuring the highest standards of care. Whether in a dental clinic, a surgical theatre, or a medical laboratory, this headlight stands as a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path to successful and efficient medical practice.
Invest in our Surgical Headlight today, and experience a new level of clarity and precision in your professional medical journey.

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Mainland China

Commodity Quality Certification


Brand Name



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